It’s Here! The wait for the DokiDoki is over!!


It’s finally here!! After a few weeks of anxiously waiting, anticipating, pacing around for many many wasted minutes of my days, it is here! It came while I was at work so I was able to come home to a fantastic surprise and I just could no wait to open it! I actually posted a video up on my YouTube channel! My name on there is Sammi Rose and my icon is a cute Kawaii girl in a panda outfit, because let’s be honest….who DOESN’T love pandas?? Anyways, that’s so you can pick my profile out from the mass of other Youtubers in this world. I only have that one video put up but you can be sure that more are going to be uploaded as the boxes keep coming and I’m so excited to see how far this will go!

Back to the box I got a day go. It was full of some seriously kawaii items from Japan like Hoppe-chan, Take Omo, Mayo Puri, and a Hatsune Miku lanyard, which i was super stoked about because lanyards help me to NOT lose my keys XD The theme of June’s box was the Harajuku styles of Japan and it was so cool! It came with a colorful booklet that explained what the items were and showed some different member of the DokiDoki club that go there June boxes too! The Doki Doki box is a really cute piece of Japan that let’s you see what is neat and popular coming out of the Japanese culture. A piece of Japan that comes all the way from across the world to your doorstep! Check out my Youtube page and subscribe for more videos and unveiling of boxes to come your way!




Countdown to Kawaii…..Box #1

kawaii box

The countdown until the shipment to the U.S. starts today! I’m so excited to be trying out some kawaii subscription boxes and this company was my first, coincidentally called Kawaii Box 😀 I will be subscribing to different boxes to check out their cool things and be able to upload reviews not only on here but also on Youtube, which reminds me that I actually need to create a Youtube account..(oops!) I’m curious to know how many people will actually view my videos! I’ve never created a video of myself at all, much less recording a video of myself reviewing anything. So I guess you could consider this a new adventure for me. Here’s to hoping for success!

If any of you out there have any tips, tricks, or cool, nifty, slightly odd but interesting ideas, let me know! Hit my contact page and write away! I’m pretty up to speed on replying to people’s questions or ideas, and I’m not a jerk….usually JUST KIDDING! I don’t know about you but I know I’m pretty pumped to try this out, even tho my fiance is probably silently thinking to himself that I’m weird and this will never get off the ground, which it probably won’t but hey, positive attitudes bring positive results! Positivity Power! *tosses sparkle confetti in air with dramatic Freddy Mercury pose* If you don’t know who Freddy Mercury is… should probably reevaluate your whole view of music and pretty much everything. Or your too young, which in that case, I can’t blame you, BUT if you claim to be a music enthusiast, or to love music at all, then go to your computer, phone or whatever you have and look him up. You can’t love music without loving the timeless classics are the foundation of the music world that we now know and love ( some times not so much depending on varying tastes….sorry just trying to be considerate ). Any who, that’s not even the point of this post, and i’m rambling on and on. SOMEONE STOP ME! okay, I’m done. Well as my eager little heart awaits my kawaii box, I hope to have some awesome emails from you guys! ❤

Live Long and Prosper

Kawaii? Isn’t that in Hawaii?


No, no it’s not. I know some of you, in fact most people would think that it has something to do with Hawaii when it actually does not (surprise!) Kawaii is actually a Japanese term for something that is cute. It can be used to describe a character, clothes, makeup, jewelry, pretty much anything that you would consider cute. I’m a huge fan of Kawaii things and this part of my blog will be dedicated to reviews of Kawaii subscription boxes that I have coming from Japan that I will be sharing with you on here but also on my Youtube channel which I will be getting up and started soon. If you guys have any suggestions for me to do reviews about send me an e-mail and i’ll do my best to check it out and to feature it!



The Smart-Ass Hero


When I first heard of the Deadpool movie, I honestly thought like most everyone else did, who is Deadpool? For me, I was never introduced to this Marvel bad ass, because that’s exactly what he is, he isn’t your average hero or good guy, in fact he isn’t that great of a guy if you met him in real life. He’s mostly an ass with an extremely hard outer shell, and sarcasm that is on point, but can you blame him? If you saw the film, he had a pretty awful life as a forced test gerbil for some psycho path in a white jacket.

So as you can imagine, as I walked into see the film with my fiance about a week after it was released, I was a tad apprehensive because if you’re Marvel fan or if your not, you have to admit that they have had some rather rocky films that have honestly sucked. I’m not saying all! Just some did not hit the mark, and I was a bit worried that I’d be wasting my (or his if you want to get technical) $10 to go see this. I walked in, grabbed a seat, all the way in the front I might add, where I had to shrink down in the chair to save my neck from being forever cricked because the entire theater was packed. Mind you, my fiance was very well aware of who Deadpool being a Marvel fan, even of the more unknown characters. He kept trying to tell me how great of a character Deadpool was and why he was not that well known. I half listened to him because I just wasn’t sure.

The movie began, and let’s just say even the first 2 minutes of the movie were surprising! As the film progressed, it didn’t drop off or become uninteresting. It kept your attention the entire film, waiting for the next sarcastic zinger which came at the best moments, and yet a bit of shock at some of the taboo subjects laid bare (some quite literally!) Granted, I will admit along with I’m sure most of the women out there, that yes I was gazing at Ryan Reynolds….alot. He was amazing as Deadpool, he had the right amount of sarcastic prick to pull off the part, yet underlying emotion that also told the story of the characters extreme hardships and sadness resulting in the Deadpools attitude and personality.

Over all, the film was a great success for Marvel and was a great time to watch. Definitely no money wasted here! If you already love Deadpool as a Marvel fan then I can definitely agree with you! If you are someone who hasn’t yet seen it, I definitely would recommend a night in with your boyfriend/girlfriend, or friends in general with a big bowl of popcorn, candies everywhere, whatever drink you choose, comfy blankets and pillows to watch it! Yes I do have to say that it is Rated R so definitely not recommended for children, and if your not a complete moron in life, you’ll already know that. Anyhow! This was a great film in my opinion and one worthy to bring home to enjoy!

Here’s To A New Venture


New blogger in town! Today while I was indulging in Netflix and snacks, relishing the idea of not dealing with the daily grind for the weekend, I found myself thinking my new Kawaii subscription I have coming in the mail, different recipes, and random geek ideas swirling in my head, and then something else popped up. What if I started a blog, just to talk about all of the things I love, I find inspiring, or interesting? Would anyone read it? Is it a waste of time?

Well let’s be realistic for a moment. It’s true, no one could read it or find it interesting, and to some it could be considered a waste of time, but since when has anything great ever started off with a huge following? And what some may view as a waste of time, could be someone else’s way of therapy or relaxation. I decided to try blogging for fun and to try my hand at writing. If it soars then that’s awesome! If it doesn’t get off the ground much, that’s okay too, it’s my relaxation.

If while your reading this, you find that we have similarities in interests, then by all means let me know! If you have any cool ideas, or questions then head to the contact page! I’m looking forward to meeting those who find a kinship with my blog 🙂

Now back to what this first post is about. Many people adore big name movies or series such as Star Wars, or the Marvel Comic movies and shows. The one show that I fell in love with through every emotional roller coaster moment and dramatic climax was the Doctor Who series. At first, quite a few people I knew tried so hard to get me to watch this show and I never bothered because I presumptuously thought that it was going to be boring, slow, and pointless. Little did I know that when I finally decided to try watching it (starting with the 9th doctor because yes I tried watching the very first shows and I just couldn’t) I was surprised to find that it was AMAZING!! Even though the first couple of episodes definitely had their cheesy aspects (geez, they JUST started the series again after how many years? it’s to be expected) the show was captivating, and Christopher Eccleston as the 9th doctor and with Billie Piper as Rose Tyler by his side were a great duo and fantastic actors! Their acting along with the writing of  Steven Moffat along with others, had made the plots still believable and quite captivating! I know a lot of fans have a love/hate relationship with Moffat because he writes such amazing plots and stories with such curiously alluring characters, yet he can write them off in a blink of an eye (don’t blink!). So needless to say, that was my first introduction to Doctor Who, and when the great love affair began. Let me assure you that even tho I am an enormous fan of Doctor Who, it does not dwarf my love for Disney. That will always be my first love. Fantastic!