It’s Here! The wait for the DokiDoki is over!!


It’s finally here!! After a few weeks of anxiously waiting, anticipating, pacing around for many many wasted minutes of my days, it is here! It came while I was at work so I was able to come home to a fantastic surprise and I just could no wait to open it! I actually posted a video up on my YouTube channel! My name on there is Sammi Rose and my icon is a cute Kawaii girl in a panda outfit, because let’s be honest….who DOESN’T love pandas?? Anyways, that’s so you can pick my profile out from the mass of other Youtubers in this world. I only have that one video put up but you can be sure that more are going to be uploaded as the boxes keep coming and I’m so excited to see how far this will go!

Back to the box I got a day go. It was full of some seriously kawaii items from Japan like Hoppe-chan, Take Omo, Mayo Puri, and a Hatsune Miku lanyard, which i was super stoked about because lanyards help me to NOT lose my keys XD The theme of June’s box was the Harajuku styles of Japan and it was so cool! It came with a colorful booklet that explained what the items were and showed some different member of the DokiDoki club that go there June boxes too! The Doki Doki box is a really cute piece of Japan that let’s you see what is neat and popular coming out of the Japanese culture. A piece of Japan that comes all the way from across the world to your doorstep! Check out my Youtube page and subscribe for more videos and unveiling of boxes to come your way!




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