Countdown to Kawaii…..Box #1

kawaii box

The countdown until the shipment to the U.S. starts today! I’m so excited to be trying out some kawaii subscription boxes and this company was my first, coincidentally called Kawaii Box 😀 I will be subscribing to different boxes to check out their cool things and be able to upload reviews not only on here but also on Youtube, which reminds me that I actually need to create a Youtube account..(oops!) I’m curious to know how many people will actually view my videos! I’ve never created a video of myself at all, much less recording a video of myself reviewing anything. So I guess you could consider this a new adventure for me. Here’s to hoping for success!

If any of you out there have any tips, tricks, or cool, nifty, slightly odd but interesting ideas, let me know! Hit my contact page and write away! I’m pretty up to speed on replying to people’s questions or ideas, and I’m not a jerk….usually JUST KIDDING! I don’t know about you but I know I’m pretty pumped to try this out, even tho my fiance is probably silently thinking to himself that I’m weird and this will never get off the ground, which it probably won’t but hey, positive attitudes bring positive results! Positivity Power! *tosses sparkle confetti in air with dramatic Freddy Mercury pose* If you don’t know who Freddy Mercury is… should probably reevaluate your whole view of music and pretty much everything. Or your too young, which in that case, I can’t blame you, BUT if you claim to be a music enthusiast, or to love music at all, then go to your computer, phone or whatever you have and look him up. You can’t love music without loving the timeless classics are the foundation of the music world that we now know and love ( some times not so much depending on varying tastes….sorry just trying to be considerate ). Any who, that’s not even the point of this post, and i’m rambling on and on. SOMEONE STOP ME! okay, I’m done. Well as my eager little heart awaits my kawaii box, I hope to have some awesome emails from you guys! ❤

Live Long and Prosper


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