The Smart-Ass Hero


When I first heard of the Deadpool movie, I honestly thought like most everyone else did, who is Deadpool? For me, I was never introduced to this Marvel bad ass, because that’s exactly what he is, he isn’t your average hero or good guy, in fact he isn’t that great of a guy if you met him in real life. He’s mostly an ass with an extremely hard outer shell, and sarcasm that is on point, but can you blame him? If you saw the film, he had a pretty awful life as a forced test gerbil for some psycho path in a white jacket.

So as you can imagine, as I walked into see the film with my fiance about a week after it was released, I was a tad apprehensive because if you’re Marvel fan or if your not, you have to admit that they have had some rather rocky films that have honestly sucked. I’m not saying all! Just some did not hit the mark, and I was a bit worried that I’d be wasting my (or his if you want to get technical) $10 to go see this. I walked in, grabbed a seat, all the way in the front I might add, where I had to shrink down in the chair to save my neck from being forever cricked because the entire theater was packed. Mind you, my fiance was very well aware of who Deadpool being a Marvel fan, even of the more unknown characters. He kept trying to tell me how great of a character Deadpool was and why he was not that well known. I half listened to him because I just wasn’t sure.

The movie began, and let’s just say even the first 2 minutes of the movie were surprising! As the film progressed, it didn’t drop off or become uninteresting. It kept your attention the entire film, waiting for the next sarcastic zinger which came at the best moments, and yet a bit of shock at some of the taboo subjects laid bare (some quite literally!) Granted, I will admit along with I’m sure most of the women out there, that yes I was gazing at Ryan Reynolds….alot. He was amazing as Deadpool, he had the right amount of sarcastic prick to pull off the part, yet underlying emotion that also told the story of the characters extreme hardships and sadness resulting in the Deadpools attitude and personality.

Over all, the film was a great success for Marvel and was a great time to watch. Definitely no money wasted here! If you already love Deadpool as a Marvel fan then I can definitely agree with you! If you are someone who hasn’t yet seen it, I definitely would recommend a night in with your boyfriend/girlfriend, or friends in general with a big bowl of popcorn, candies everywhere, whatever drink you choose, comfy blankets and pillows to watch it! Yes I do have to say that it is Rated R so definitely not recommended for children, and if your not a complete moron in life, you’ll already know that. Anyhow! This was a great film in my opinion and one worthy to bring home to enjoy!


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