Here’s To A New Venture


New blogger in town! Today while I was indulging in Netflix and snacks, relishing the idea of not dealing with the daily grind for the weekend, I found myself thinking my new Kawaii subscription I have coming in the mail, different recipes, and random geek ideas swirling in my head, and then something else popped up. What if I started a blog, just to talk about all of the things I love, I find inspiring, or interesting? Would anyone read it? Is it a waste of time?

Well let’s be realistic for a moment. It’s true, no one could read it or find it interesting, and to some it could be considered a waste of time, but since when has anything great ever started off with a huge following? And what some may view as a waste of time, could be someone else’s way of therapy or relaxation. I decided to try blogging for fun and to try my hand at writing. If it soars then that’s awesome! If it doesn’t get off the ground much, that’s okay too, it’s my relaxation.

If while your reading this, you find that we have similarities in interests, then by all means let me know! If you have any cool ideas, or questions then head to the contact page! I’m looking forward to meeting those who find a kinship with my blog 🙂

Now back to what this first post is about. Many people adore big name movies or series such as Star Wars, or the Marvel Comic movies and shows. The one show that I fell in love with through every emotional roller coaster moment and dramatic climax was the Doctor Who series. At first, quite a few people I knew tried so hard to get me to watch this show and I never bothered because I presumptuously thought that it was going to be boring, slow, and pointless. Little did I know that when I finally decided to try watching it (starting with the 9th doctor because yes I tried watching the very first shows and I just couldn’t) I was surprised to find that it was AMAZING!! Even though the first couple of episodes definitely had their cheesy aspects (geez, they JUST started the series again after how many years? it’s to be expected) the show was captivating, and Christopher Eccleston as the 9th doctor and with Billie Piper as Rose Tyler by his side were a great duo and fantastic actors! Their acting along with the writing of  Steven Moffat along with others, had made the plots still believable and quite captivating! I know a lot of fans have a love/hate relationship with Moffat because he writes such amazing plots and stories with such curiously alluring characters, yet he can write them off in a blink of an eye (don’t blink!). So needless to say, that was my first introduction to Doctor Who, and when the great love affair began. Let me assure you that even tho I am an enormous fan of Doctor Who, it does not dwarf my love for Disney. That will always be my first love. Fantastic!



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